OA Graphic Design offers fully customized cover design for authors across a variety of media, including paper and hardback, eBook, and audiobook   Packages can include any combination of media, as well as title art, logos, social media graphics, or other marketing graphics designed to showcase and promote the Client's new literary work.

"The Girl Who Sings To Dragons" by Luke Courtney

"A Hundred Breaths" by Jean M. Grant

"Chaos Bound" by L. Ryan Storms

"The Blood" by Nancy Jackson

"Will Rise From Ashes" by Jean M. Grant

"Apple Seeds in the Snow" by Helen Rygh-Pedersen

"The Briar Crown" by Helen Rygh-Pedersen

STEP 1 |  Every project starts with a conversation.  Start by thinking about what you'll need for your cover art.
•What formats will you need? Paperback? Hardback? Audiobook or eBook? Make a list of everything you are sure of- we can always add more later.
•What is your book about? What genre?  What type of imagery do you want to see?  You can be as specific as you would like - details are invaluable when trying to create a design that captures your work.  Is there a color palette you want to use? Is there a mood you wish to convey?  What about certain elements (objects, subjects) you might want to show in the art?
•When do you plan to publish your book?  This helps with determining deadlines and milestones for your project.
•Will you need title page art, logos, or other imagery separate from the cover?
•Will you need marketing graphics for your book?  Think social media post artwork, banners, postcards, etc. 

"The Briar Crown" by Helen Rygh-Pedersen

Initial layout sketch for The Briar Crown

STEP 2 | The Proposal and Contract
All of the details discussed are compiled into a Proposal and Contract for review and signing.  The Proposal will list all of the details, such as deadline, subject matter, desired format(s) and sizes, initial layout ideas, elements to include, color palette, and project costs. The Contract lists all other project information regarding project updates, copyright, and payment.   You will have the opportunity to discuss both documents and make any needed changes prior to signing.
STEP 3 | Downpayment & Project Start
A 1/3 downpayment is due prior to the project's start.  Once the downpayment has been received, the initial sketch(es) will be created for your review so that the direction for the artwork can be agreed upon before project progression. 
STEP 4 | Project Progression & Updates
You will be provided updates at pivotal times throughout the project so that any needed changes or additions can be discussed.  
STEP 5 | Final Approval & Payment
The final artwork will be presented for approval.  Once approval has been given, and final payment has been made, all final files will be provided in the formats agreed upon in the Contract.
What if I need to request additional materials I didn't include in our Contract, like an eBook cover? 
No problem.  We can always add additional items to your order, just contact me, and I can provide a quote. 
What are your prices?
The final cost will depend on the formats you request (paperback, hardback, eBook, etc) and the amount of time estimated to complete the artwork.  Generally, the original artwork for a paperback or hardback dust jacket between $500-$700+ and includes the final files in standard formats (PDF, InDesign, etc.) Additional fees will apply for adapting the final artwork to audiobook or eBook format. Please be as specific as possible when you request the layouts you think you will need (paperback, dust jacket, eBook) so that they can be factored into your cost.  Any additional layouts not originally included may incur an additional fee.
How many revisions do I get?
The total cost includes a certain number of hours allotted to additional edits after the final artwork has been presented for approval.  Edits that are estimated to take more than the number of hours specified in the Contract must be approved in writing by you, and are billed at $30/hr. 
What file formats do you provide?
You will be provided the final files in any number of standard industry formats - PDF, TIFF, PSD, AI, JPEG, etc.  Please note that editable, original PSD files remain the property of OA Graphic Design and are not included.  If you are not sure what file formats you need or are unsure of how to upload or send them to your printer, let me know.   For a small additional fee, I can assist you with this process.
What is your turnaround time?
Original cover art requires a minimum of 4 weeks and may take up to a few months, depending on the scope of the project.  When considering your publishing schedule, please leave as much time for this process as possible to ensure the best results. 
Do you hand-draw your covers? Or do you use stock photos? 
I use both.  Many of my covers are digitally painted originals.  However, I can and have used stock imagery when needed, depending on the request of the Client.  We can work together to ensure the best options for your cover art that suit your needs and budget.
Do you provide social media/cover reveal images?
Absolutely!  Please let me know if you would like promo images, including cover reveal images.  I would be happy to provide those for a small additional fee.
Can I also get the title artwork?
Yes.  You can request a copy of the existing Title artwork as-is, in any standard format(s) to be provided to you at no additional charge.  If you need the artwork adapted or edited for additional use, (such as style changes, additional artwork added, etc.) that will be an additional fee - please reach out to me with your request and I will be happy to provide you a quote.
Will you use my cover for another book?
No.  I offer bespoke, fully custom covers for authors.  Every commission is unique, and the artwork created for your book will not be used for another client.
"AK Westerman has been a delight to work with. Exceptionally diligent in creating exactly what I was looking for, she checked in with me each step of the way to make sure she was on the right track, and she was agreeable to changes that needed to be made to more closely match the vision I, as the author, had for my cover art. I highly recommend working with her. While her skill and talent are plain to see, her professionalism is exceptional and cannot be overlooked. The way she handles her business, the contracts and payment schedules she adheres to, and the optimistic attitude she displays are a winning combination. I look forward to working with her again in the future, have already recommended her services to other authors, and will continue to do so. Working with her was a stress-free experience and the end product was a phenomenal piece of cover art I'm thrilled to feature on my book." - L. Ryan Storms
​​​​​​​"When I opened Angela’s portfolio the first time, it took my breath away. I knew then that I was looking at a rare artist whose work showed her talent, her skill and her imagination. Her technique was so flawless that you didn’t notice the medium, but the story and emotion that she had endeavored to express on the page. I know that her work has evolved since that moment when I first saw it, but the evolution is something wonderful in and of itself. You will never be disappointed when you choose Angela to assist you in whatever art or graphic design project you need done." - Nancy Jackson
"Not only is Angela’s work absolutely stunning, but she is an absolute pleasure to work with. She really takes the time to get to know what her clients want and checks in regularly to show progress. I feel like working with her is a real collaborative process and if I am unsure of a design element in my head, I have no qualms about asking for her professional advice. Her designs are beautiful and full of story and I cannot tell you the number of adoring comments my book has received purely because of its cover! I look forward to finishing the series with her and highly recommend her services." - Helen Rygh-Pedersen
Ready to get started, or have some questions? Fill out the form below, or email OA Graphic Design at ak@akorganicabstracts.com and I will be happy to help!
Thank you for reaching out! I will be in touch shortly to continue our conversation. -AK Westerman
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