PROJECT | Client required cover art as well as corresponding Title Page art for her fantasy novel "The Briar Crown". The cover art needed to feature prominently the Crown itself, a focal point of the novel, while also incorporating thistle, dandelions, and other natural elements.  The cover art utilized Adobe Illustrator for Vector elements, Photoshop for color application and element compilation, and InDesign for the final layout files.
Layout is created as a Vector in Illustrator and presented to Client along with the color palette for approval.
Antlers made of tiny leaves, branches and flowers of metal are the focus here. Title work is intertwined with the composition, ensuring a feeling of connectivity in the overall theme.  Nestled in the crown are live dandelions, nettle, purple nettle, dandelion seeds and thistle. Among the flora is a unique apothecary bottle with a stopper made of natural crystals, and a mortar and pestle. Dandelion seeds are blowing around the composition and title letters.

Warm bronze for the metal antlers, with flecks of a warmer gold, perhaps touches of green oxidation. Various shades of green and yellow for the leaves. Lavender and dark violet for the purple nettle blooms. The composition 'pops' against a background of deep blue, textured and detailed lightly with grasses silhouetted in black.

"Not only is Angela’s work absolutely stunning, but she is an absolute pleasure to work with. She really takes the time to get to know what her clients want and checks in regularly to show progress. I feel like working with her is a real collaborative process and if I am unsure of a design element in my head, I have no qualms about asking for her professional advice. Her designs are beautiful and full of story and I cannot tell you the number of adoring comments my book has received purely because of its cover! I look forward to finishing the series with her and highly recommend her services." - Helen Rygh-Pedersen
Vector grayscale Title page artwork is derived from the original Vector files for title work.  Various layouts and formats allow for application across multiple social platforms, as well as use on the print Title Page of the novel. 

Primary elements for the artwork (title text, leaves, flowers, crown, bottle, and mortar and pestle are created as Vectors in Adobe Illustrator, then color is applied, and the elements are layered in Adobe Photoshop.
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