Hi!  I am AK Westerman, the artist and designer behind OA Graphic Design.  I always dreamt of becoming an artist (except for that brief obsession with marine biology in middle school.) Attending art school for illustration, followed by a successful career in New York, seemed like my inevitable future.  Art school happened, but life's various twists and turns sent me down an unexpected path - graphic design.  After spending several years marketing for a real estate company, I decided to turn entirely to art and freelance design work.  My background in fine arts has only served as an asset - allowing me to create custom and creative branding, print and web marketing for clients, often melding art and design.
Because we are a small business, too.
OA Graphic Design believes that you should have access to marketing that is both tailored to your business, as well as affordable.  Not every business has a six-figure marketing budget - which is why we offer an a la carte style approach to branding and marketing that allows you to commission what you need, when you need it, as opposed to commitment to larger packages that may not suit your needs or budget.  We offer only custom marketing -no templates- and 'concierge' service that every small business deserves.
“Angela is the best. She is very skilled, creative, & understands deadlines. I love working with her.”- Anne Wilson
“She’s quick. She’s creative. She understands what we want often without us even saying it. Angela is awesome.” – Jami Smith
"When I opened Angela’s portfolio the first time, it took my breath away. I knew then that I was looking at a rare artist whose work showed her talent, her skill and her imagination. Her technique was so flawless that you didn’t notice the medium, but the story and emotion that she had endeavored to express on the page. I know that her work has evolved since that moment when I first saw it, but the evolution is something wonderful in and of itself. You will never be disappointed when you choose Angela to assist you in whatever art or graphic design project you need done." - Nancy Jackson
"Angela has been our sole graphic designer for seven years now. She has many wonderful qualities that make her our marketing magic-maker for our real estate team. Her creativity surprises us every time. It's exciting to open my email when I know I am expecting the first draft of a project from her. She is flexible and lets me be involved (when I want to) in the creative process. On the flip side, when my creative juices aren't flowing, I can leave it all to her. I also appreciate how quickly she works. In our business, things can have a quick turnaround and she can usually accommodate us and is very good at communicating what we can expect. I am so proud of our marketing materials: postcard mailouts, property flyers, and more. That is all because of her. " - Heather Davis
"AK Westerman has been a delight to work with. Exceptionally diligent in creating exactly what I was looking for, she checked in with me each step of the way to make sure she was on the right track, and she was agreeable to changes that needed to be made to more closely match the vision I, as the author, had for my cover art. I highly recommend working with her. While her skill and talent are plain to see, her professionalism is exceptional and cannot be overlooked. The way she handles her business, the contracts and payment schedules she adheres to, and the optimistic attitude she displays are a winning combination. I look forward to working with her again in the future, have already recommended her services to other authors, and will continue to do so. Working with her was a stress-free experience and the end product was a phenomenal piece of cover art I'm thrilled to feature on my book." - L. Ryan Storms
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